Windy wandering (mahangin sa labas)

Comfort food in the comfort of my dear manangs. You (and Yushoken) are always worth the trip! ;)

Lunch at my favorite ramen place with my manangs. Yushoken! ;)

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s my amazing Mama who never stops growing in beauty, inside and out… Her fierce spirit, wisdom, and love keeps our family strong! I know love because she loves me unconditionally! My hearty laughter must have come from her too! I hope one day I can make my class/ trainees laugh like she does (she’s also a fantastic public speaker)! My mother, the renaissance woman, and she does it all while raising a family! Thank you, Ma, for being our rock! :)

Picturesque. This side of the vast Pacific Ocean. Even quick beach trips work wonders for my soul. #lifesabeach #realtreats #RealQuezon #summerPH

Happy happy birthday to my Ate! To my multi-talented (dermatologist, hair transplant specialist, artist, gifted interior designer and cook/baker) and super smart sister whose generous heart and many achievements always leave me in awe, thanks for your unwavering support and inspiration. Though you can be bossy at times like our second mother (haha), your caring ways more than make up for it.hehe Thanks for being the tie that binds our family together. You are the trailblazer among us siblings who paves the way for our dreams to be possible. May all your own wishes come true! Love you, Ate! :)

Last day on the juicefast! Thanks to my high school friend Mia Santos and @juicehut for the yummy supply! Now I have my faves #revitalizingred #eyeopener #abcsoother

What a treat! Having my favorite cup of organic coffee with one of my favorite people, photographer Nap Beltran @photoworldmanila at my family’s new venture, Green Bean Organic Coffee, street level Perpetual Polyclinic, Quirante II St. Tagum City :)

Good luck on the next leg of your journey, #YolandaPH #Yakapees! Thanks for the inspiration and these fun loomies! :)

Happy birthday to my dear sister Kitchie! Growing up we were cat and mouse, but also playmates and roommates… now as a full fledged doctor, dermatologist-in-training, and auntie to gabe&nate, you have become a source of pride and strength for me and our family—the most logical, consistent, prompt, and diligent of this feisty bunch! Thanks for loving me much as your bigger “twin!” Love you kuts! May all your dreams come true! :)

Happy 70th birthday Mama! Thank you for growing steadily with us as we grow older… for being the solid ground on which we launch our journey! We know love because you loved us first, unconditionally! #foreveryoung #waypaglubad #walangkupas #nofilter #rawfootage #idol #superwoman #groovymom

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